vegetable farmshare: Sold Out for 2019!

Sorry, sold out for 2019!!


Fill out the form below and mail it in with a deposit or payment.

Member Agreement Form


FarmShare is a collaboration between a farm and the people in the surrounding community.  When you become a FarmShare member, you agree to support the costs of running the farm in exchange for a share of the harvest. By contributing a membership fee in advance, you become a partner with the farmer in sharing some of the risk as well as the bounty of agricultural production.

     In Japan, where this concept first took hold, it was called“food with the farmer’s face,” emphasizing that food does not have to be a generic commodity transported many miles and produced under factory-like conditions.  FarmShare allows us to focus on our passion for working with the land to produce the most wholesome, life-giving, best tasting food possible, while building a strong bond with the members we are feeding.

     Members of the Laughing Earth FarmShare become an integral part of the farm. Even at the most basic, members pick up at the farm every week. In addition, we love when members make the farm their own.

     Join us in the garden for planting or harvesting.  Pick your own strawberries, herbs, and flowers.  Visit the animals on the farm and become familiar with the benefits of pasture-raised animals.  Join our member family for farm events!  Hay rides, harvest dinners, food classes….


 ◊ Your pre-season payment purchases a “share” of our summer’s harvest.  Choose one of 2 pick-up days:  Wednesday evenings from 4-7 or Saturday mornings from 10-1. 

◊  Come to the farm once a week to fill your bag with the vegetables we harvest for you.  (If you cannot make a pick-up day, call ahead to change days, send a friend in your place, or donate to the food pantry!)

◊ All excess produce gets donated to Capital Roots' Squash Hunger project, most of which gets delivered directly to our local Brunswick food pantry.

◊  Our season is June 1 through the end of October (weather permitting!), 22 weeks.  Weekly shares start small with greens in the spring, and are more abundant in summer with tomatoes, beans, cucumbers…. By the fall the shares are heavy with root crops and winter squash.  You’ll be eating seasonally, and we’ll help you with cooking ideas and recipes!

◊  A share is designed to feed a family of 2.  A share costs $565 and averages 1 FULL grocery bag per week for 22 weeks. Larger families can purchase multiple shares at a discount price.

◊  Members also have the opportunity to order our wonderful pastured turkeys at a discounted price.

◊  Participate in our Community Food Project. We have established a special fund to be used to reduce the cost of shares to members with fewer resources. What a great opportunity for your family, church, or civic group to “sponsor” a family in need!



Fill out the form below and mail it in with a deposit or payment.

Member Agreement Form

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