pastured, organic-fed pork

We raise largely Tamworth/Old Spot crosses (some are more mutt than that!). All of them are born right here on the farm. They spend as much of the year outdoors as we can manage, housed in their movable “pig palace” which is rotated through our lush pastures. We utilize their natural rooting tendencies to control weeds and break up sod prior to planting a field to crops. They are fed a certified organic ration. They also receive a generous share of our "reject" vegetables, efficiently recycling our produce into pork!


Pork is available by the quarter, half, or whole hog in either the spring or fall. Customers are charged a flat per-pound price ($7.95/lb for Spring 2017) and receive the full variety of cuts, from ham and bacon through chops and sausage. 

We hope to have pork by the piece available in Summer 2017, and hope to be Certified Organic by Spring 2018

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Pork Order Form

Pork is $7.95 per pound, all processing included. You get approximately 35 pounds of meat from a quarter hog.

Please send deposit to Laughing Earth, 3842 NY 2, Cropseyville, NY 12052 - mail, drop it off, or visit us at the Troy Waterfront Farmers Market to drop it off. Checks payable to Laughing Earth. Please note that your place will not be held until the deposit is received. 

Thank you for supporting your local farm!

The pork you receive is frozen and vacuum-sealed in small packages, as you would buy it at a store.

We raise pigs to market size twice a year, with one group available in late spring, and one group available in late fall. You may pre-order pork at any time, and you will be signed up for the next available date.

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