Winter and Spring Shares

In addition to our summer season FarmShare, which provides produce from June through October, we are also offering additional shares to help spread our food around the circle of the year. Our Winter Shares begin with a very generous Thanksgiving Share in the middle of November, and continue until the middle of February, about every two weeks (with some breaks for holidays, because we are people, too!). The Winter Share is a flexible, by-the-pick-up share, where you only choose the weeks that work for you.

Our Spring Share starts the regular FarmShare season early, with the tenderest, juiciest treats from the early spring garden, for those who love salads and greens. In 2018, the Spring Share will begin in the middle of April, with a weekly share for six weeks.


Spring share

Six weeks of tender "firsts" out of the garden, $120.

Pick up on the farm each Wednesday, any time between 4 and 9 pm. The share will be pre-bagged and stored in a refrigerator, so you can help yourself at your convenience. Farmers will be available if you have questions or wish to buy eggs or meat at the same time.

Only 20 shares available for 2018! Sign up today! Payment is due on or before the first pick-up.


winter share

A bounteous box of amazing storage crops from your farm, to help tide you over until next summer season, or at least to make a holiday dinner for the family.

The Thanksgiving share is like a regular FarmShare, but MORE. This share is just $25. Get all the produce you’ll need for your big holiday dinner!

Then the storage shares begin. Each 30# box is $75. We expect it to include potatoes, onions, shallots, winter squash of several kinds, rutabaga, garlic, turnips, beets, leeks, daikon radishes, and watermelon radishes. The boxes will have some variation from date to date.

You choose when to get the share: all five pick-up days, to really keep you fed for winter, or just one or two, if that fits your family better. The Thanksgiving share is the weekend before Thanksgiving, and the other shares are December 6th and 20th, January 17th, and February 14th, with pick-up on the farm between 12 and 6 pm.

Deposits are due when you sign up; payment in full is due when you pick up.