Spring share 2018

Celebrate the return of warm weather with the fresh, tender first fruits of the garden—six weeks before the regular season FarmShare!

$120 for 6 weeks of vegetables—only $20 each week.

Salads of unparalleled flavor and freshness for the month of May!

Pick-up on the Farm each Wednesday afternoon; self-service any time 4-9 pm. April 18th through May 23rd.

Receive an abundant variety of greens—lettuce, mesclun, spinach, arugula, and much more. Savor fresh, vibrant herbs, like dill and cilantro. Crunch into crisp, juicy roots—radishes, turnips, beets, and scallions. Weather permitting, enjoy a stroll in the picking garden for a wider variety of herbs.

Payment is due at or before the first pick-up.

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Yes! Sign Me Up for Spring Share 2018!
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$120 for a 6-week share *
Community Food Program
We encourage those in our community who can, to contribute more than the cost of the share, so that those in the community who have difficulty affording the share can request that part of their share be covered by the community. We do not ask questions; if you need it, please ask for it!
Our mailing address for payment is Laughing Earth 3842 NY 2 Cropseyville, NY 12052 Or stop in to visit!